ProTwin Foam Kit

Foam accessory for ProTwin


Featuring SEKO’s recognised precision and consistency in chemical dilution, the HACCP-compliant ProTwin spray and foam cleaning system allows users to achieve the highest standards of surface cleanliness and sanitization in food-preparation areas.

ProTwin automatically mixes and dispenses concentrated detergents and sanitizers and enables users to clean and rinse vertical surfaces and awkward-to-reach areas courtesy of a powerful jet that sprays up to four metres high.


The ProTwin Foam Kit converts the standard ProTwin into a dry foam generator.

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Fully compatible, and easily adaptable, with ProTwin

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Utilises ProTwin’s single selector for detergent and sanitising functions

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Generates surface-clinging dry foam for maximum chemical contact time and a deeper clean

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Venturis maintain correct, consistent chemical action and consumption

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Excellent for vertical surface cleaning

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Enhances the properties of foaming chemicals with the use of compressed air


·       Rinse

o   Flow rate: 2.5 GPM

o   Pressure: 15 – 85 PSI

·       Foam

o   Flow rate: 1 GPM

o   Dilution ratio: 6:1 – 116:1

o   Pressure: 15 – 85 PSI

·       Product

o   Flow rate: 1.9 GPM

o   Dilution ratio: 20:1 – 339:1

o   Pressure: 15 – 18 PSI

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ProTwin Foam Kit


Trigger Sprayer ProTwin

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