Wall-mounted spray and foam cleaning system


Featuring SEKO’s recognised precision and consistency in chemical dilution, the HACCP-compliant ProTwin spray and foam cleaning system allows users to achieve the highest standards of surface cleanliness and sanitization in food-preparation areas.

ProTwin automatically mixes and dispenses concentrated detergents and sanitisers and enables users to clean and rinse vertical surfaces and awkward-to-reach areas courtesy of a powerful jet that sprays up to four metres high.

Meanwhile, an ergonomic wand attachment means users can apply wet foam to surfaces for extended contact time and outstanding cleaning performance, while an adjustable spray pattern gives users even greater control of their cleaning regime.

With a clean, professional look, ProTwin comes with built-in hose storage and is operated via a sturdy selection dial that’s easy to use, even with wet gloves.

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Dosage of 1 or 2 spray / foam products and rinsing up to a tolerance of 50°C

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Adjustable spray pattern

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Separate selectable chemical position eliminates risk of chemical crossover

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Unsurpassed foam quality when equipped with foam wand

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Engineered eductors ensure accurate proportionate dosing and are easy to clean and replace

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Intuitive ergonomic design for user-friendly operation

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Multi-layer hose improves flexibility and chemical resistance

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ProTwin Foam Kit

Trigger Sprayer ProTwin

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  • Pressure: 1.5 - 6 bar
  • Black Venturi
    • Flow rate: 10 l/min
    • Dilution ratio: 5.3:1 - 551:1
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ProTwin Technical Data Sheet