WashMulti Peri

Peristaltic laundry dosing pump system


WashMulti Peri has been designed for professional laundries requiring the highest levels of dosing accuracy for washer-extractors up to 100kg.


The peristaltic multi pump features a high capacity “H” pump head allowing a flow rate of up to 100 l/h. WashMulti Peri also features self-adjusting calibration, making installation and maintenance easy.


To further ensure dosing accuracy, WashMulti Peri comes with a “Proof of Dosing” (PoD) flowmeter as standard, which ensures correct dosing regardless of tube degradation or flow rate.


Plus, with live and historical chemical consumption data at their fingertips via SEKO’s unique SekoWeb app, commercial and on-premise laundry operators enjoy total control of their process including unrestricted access to cost per kilo data 24/7 with WashMulti Peri.


Accounting for every drop of chemical means budgeting, stock control and wash management can all be closely monitored at any time as part of a modern, highly-efficient operation – making WashMulti Peri the system of choice for laundry professionals worldwide.

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Modular system configurable for up to 10 washer extractors, with 16 chemicals

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Gear flowmeter ensures correct dosing even for highly viscous chemicals

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Outstanding chemical compatibility of all manifold parts, pump squeeze tubes and seals

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Hygiene temperature monitoring for washed linen disinfection certification

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Quick uploading and downloading of parameters and formulas

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  • Power: 100 - 240 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Flow rate: Maximum 1.6 l/m (0.4 g/m) (Sekomed tubing)
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WashMulti Peri Technical Data Sheet