Wash Tunnel

Dosing system for continuous batch washer applications


SEKO has extended its award-nominated Wash Series laundry dosing pump systems with the introduction of Wash Tunnel, a free-standing unit designed specifically for continuous batch washer machines.


Wash Tunnel contains up to five dosing modules – equipped with a pneumatic pump and four chemical suction valves – which each serve a specific point of the process from pre-wash to final rinse.


Each dosing module features an integrated flow meter for enhanced precision of detergent and softener dosing while a built-in flush system transports chemicals to the machine and ensures lines are emptied before the next dose.


As with all Wash Series systems, Wash Tunnel is compatible with SekoWeb, SEKO’s unique smartphone app and online platform which enables operators to view live and historical wash data on demand.


With this information at their fingertips 24/7, users can optimize wash performance, discover the true cost of their operation and revolutionize the way they manage the laundry process.

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Modular floor-mounted design with minimal footprint, approximately 120x40cm (3.9x1.3ft)

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Connect up to five dosing modules, meaning injection points are on machine

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Dosing modules configurable for up to four chemical products, managed by membrane valves and pneumatic pump

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Each dosing module has a dedicated flowmeter to ensure high precision

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Parts and seals manufactured in premium-quality materials for outstanding chemical compatibility

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Water booster pump and reservoir embedded on the lower part of cabinet

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Air flush available

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Compact packaging - the entire system is delivered on a Euro pallet 120x80x150 cm (3.9x2.6x4.9 ft)

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  • Power: 100 - 240 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Flow rate: 1 l/m (0.2 g/m)
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Wash Tunnel Technical Data Sheet

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