WarePanel Automatic Detergent Powder Panel

Warewashing detergent dosing system


Operating modes and functions


  • Password protection for programming
  • Detergent solenoid valve opening depending on conductivity value or alternatively in ON-OFF mode with programmable intervals
  • Programmable OFA time for det solenoid valve to signal alarm and eventually close the valve if the detergent concentration set point has not been reached within the set time interval. The alarm can be configured for single tank or tunnel machines
  • Programmable OFA time to signal alarm and eventually stop the pump if the detergent concentration set point has not been reached within the set value
  • Features basic set of counters (trigger hours for tunnel machines, number of wash cycles for single tank machines)
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LCD digital display 2 x 16 characters with backlight

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Separated switching power supply (24 Vac @50/60 Hz) pre-wired for quick and safe electrical connection; the unit is provided with an additional waterproof transformer to access power supply from any kind of warewash machine

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Separate input trigger 24 - 230 Vac for enabling conductivity probe reading to start the dosage

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Conductivity probe for accurate conductivity reading (100 μS - 5 mS) with temperature compensation

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Integrated PP hopper for dry chemical dissolving in water

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Stylish frontal ABS thermoformed cover to protect the components leaving access to the programming keypad

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24 VDC solenoid valves integrated into the device to open water flow for water spraying

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LEDs display provide information on dosing phases and alarms

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Overflow contacts on the hopper to signal if water is flooding due to abnormal obstruction in the delivery line

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  • Certifications: CE, EAC

  • Conductivity: 100 μS ÷ 5 mS

  • Interface: LCD 2x16 characters display

  • Consumption: 15 W

  • Ingress protection: IP65

  • Operating temperature: 5 - 50°C

  • Electrical insulation: Class II

  • Storage temperature: -20 - 60°C

  • Power supply: 24 Vac @50/60 Hz

  • Front cover material: ABS

Automatic Detergent Powder Feeder Technical Data Sheet

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