SekureDose Sink Fill 5L

Combining the best of SEKO's wall-mounted chemical storage and dispensing systems


SekureDose combines the best of SEKO’s wall-mounted chemical storage and dosing systems and is the ideal all-in-one janitorial chemical dispenser for filling sinks, spray bottles and mop buckets reliably and efficiently.

Comprising a robust, spring-loaded dosing button built into a lockable cabinet, SekureDose allows chemicals to be conveniently and securely stored and delivered via the flexible impact-resistant dispensing spout.

With six easily-adjusted dosing settings to choose from (5 – 30cc or 0.17 – 1 oz), SekureDose users don’t waste a drop of chemical, while colour-coded caps and custom labels allow operators to clearly indicate product type or display branding or safety information.  

Installation is practically tool-free and requires no electrical connection, while SekureDose’s flexible, modular design allows for the system to be extended with additional units for multiple product dispensing.

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Lock-out mechanism to avoid over consumption

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Robust ABS lockable cabinet includes the dispenser and variable sizes of chemical packaging

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System can be extended using additional units for multiple product dosing

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Flexible shockproof spout

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Variable stroke rates available through pin selection

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No contact between charging spring and chemical product

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Comes with Aflas gasket as standard (optionally in EPDM and FPM)

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SekureDose Sink Fill 5L

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SekureDose Sink Fill 2.5L

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  • Dimensions: 54 x 22.6 x 17.5cm (HxWxD)
  • Trigger bottle: 82.9cm (H)
  • Mop bucket: 31.8 x 25.7cm (HxD)
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SekureDose Technical Data Sheet