Pulv Electric

Portable solution for surface cleaning and automotive applications


The robust Pulv Electric adjustable pressure sprayers are specially designed for spraying detergent and disinfectant solution on floors and surfaces and are the preferred solution of professionals within sectors as varied as agriculture, construction and automotive care.


These fully mobile solutions operate on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and do not need a water or air connection. With a maximum pressure capacity of 7 bar, Pulv Electric delivers an impressive spray range of up to 13 metres.


These self-contained sprayer can be used to clean surfaces such as floors, walls and vehicles, making it ideal for farms, swimming pools and car washes where convenient, portable solutions are required.


Upgrade to Pulv Electric-S for up to two hours' continuous use.

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Fully mobile system

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Adjustable flow

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No electrical, water or air connections required

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Quick and easy storage

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Pulv Electric

Pulv Electric-S

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  • Spray range: up to 6 metres
  • Tank capacity: 35 litres