ProSink-R 1 Product F-GAP

Chemical dispenser for sinks


For manual warewash in food service, hospitality and janitorial applications, professionals turn to the robust, reliable ProSink-R to achieve high-accuracy chemical mixing and dispensing.

Designed specifically for the dilution and dosing of detergent and sanitizer into sinks, this single and double-chemical solution delivers consistently-precise dosing at the turn of a knob, with no electrical or compressed air connection required.

The unit is housed in an robust, easy-to-clean stainless-steel enclosure that can be customised with company branding, product information or safety notices. 

Installation requires only two or three screws and direct connection to a water supply, while the unit’s quick-connect manifold ensures simple tool-free maintenance.

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Ball valve operation

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No need to hold or lock a button

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Smooth, ergonomic surface and customisable front cover

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Durable stainless-steel enclosure

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Strong, long lasting and easy to clean

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Installs easily with two or three screws

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Quick-connect manifold simplifies maintenance

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Direct connection to water supply

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 Integrated backflow prevention

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ProSink-R 1 Product F-GAP

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·       Pressure: 1 - 9 bar

·       Max Temperature: 60°C

·       Grey venturi

o   Flow rate: 4 l/min

o   Dilution ratio: 2.9:1 - 1000:1

·       Yellow venturi

o   Flow rate: 14 l/min

o   Dilution ratio: 5.5:1 - 2000:1

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Prosink-R Technical Data Sheet