Combined spray and rinse aid system for the automotive sector


ProDual is a two-product spray system designed to apply pre-wash and rinse aid shampoo or detergents on cars, trucks and other vehicles.


The system optimises water and product consumption, helping to reduce operating costs.


Meanwhile, ProDual can be mounted on a trolley for a fully mobile solution.


ProDual is connected directly to the water supply and offers reduced maintenance costs thanks to the quick and tool-free replacement of consumable parts such as venturi or valves.

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PVC cover

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Stainless steel and PVC lance with high-quality hose

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Hose rack incorporated

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Installation kit included and complete with inlet hose plus mounting and suction accessories.

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  • Max temperature: 50°C
  • Pressure: 2-6 bar
  • Water consumption: 4.2-7 l/min
  • Dilution ratio:
    • Wash: 0.5-12.9%
    • Rinse: 0.4-13.4%
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ProDual Technical Data Sheet

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