Automotive spray system for strong acid and alkaline chemicals


ProAcid has been specifically designed to spray aggressive detergents or acid chemicals in several sectors including transportation cleaning, with the system ideal for cleaning wheel rims or engine bays where applicable.


As such, ProAcid has been engineered with a PVDF venturi and PVC lance for exceptional resistance to highly concentrated aggressive chemicals.


The hose is made from high-quality industrial-grade materials, featuring a triple layer for added protection.


An internal layer is reinforced with polyester for extended lifespan while the outer coating is made of supple PVC for additional flexibility.


The system is connected directly to the water supply and helps reduce maintenance costs courtesy of quick and tool-free replacement of consumable parts such as injectors or valves.

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PVC cover: HACCP compliant

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PVC lance and high-quality hose

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Hose rack incorporated

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Installation kit included and complete with mounting and suction accessories, inlet hose, discharge hose, lance and tank holder

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  • Maximum temperature: 20°C
  • Pressure: 2-6 bar
  • Water consumption: 4.2 l/min
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ProAcid Technical Data Sheet

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