High-performance detergent injection with minimal maintenance requirement


Introducing LS100, our latest on-premise laundry system with a unique feature – the unit uses water pressure to control chemical dosing. That means no moving parts, less wear and hundreds of thousands of doses before users even need to think about cartridge replacement.


LS100 is the latest addition to SEKO’s award-nominated laundry range, bringing data on demand and unprecedented
operational efficiency to OPL dosing courtesy of SekoWeb and SekoBlue compatibility. 


Offering dosing of as many as six chemicals at up to 1,300 ml/m, the modular LS100 system can be extended to accommodate a further four chemicals, making it ideal for growing businesses that want to expand their service without replacing their entire dosing system.


LS100 is delivered with a dedicated backlit formula selector unit and five-signal trigger interface, giving the operator complete command of their application.

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Simple installation and low maintenance

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Dedicated SekoBlue Bluetooth app for programming and end-user interface

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Remote management via SekoWeb app and online platform

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4.5’’ colour touchscreen display for real-time monitoring and programming

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Chemical tank monitoring

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Colour-coded chemical labels assist identification

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Four predefined dosing stages with four doses programmable per step

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Auto formula selection: binary and time based

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Relay mode functionality available

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Time-based statistics for chemical consumption, wash cycle and step activation and costs

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  • Power: 100 - 240 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Flow rate: (low) 650 ml/m
  • Flow rate: (high) 1,300 ml/m
  • Pressure: 1.5 bar

LS100 Technical Data Sheet

LS100 Product Flyer