JetNeat 1.4L

Portable surface cleaning and disinfection


The JetNeat system is the fastest, most intuitive and convenient solution for washing, sanitizing and rinsing surfaces.


JetNeat comprises a spray gun with quick connector, venturi and in-built chemical tank.


Connected to the water tap by a flexible hose, the trigger gun is able to rinse thanks to a fresh water powerful jet.


Once the venturi is quick applied at the outlet of the gun, JetNeat produces a mixing solution that can be sprayed or foamed based on the model and chemical used.


JetNeat is a suitable solution for a variety of applications, and by combining the various elements an ideal solution can always be found.


  • Kitchens
  • Butcher shops
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Educational facilities
  • Remote food preparation plants
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Function doses one chemical with a rich wet foam and rinse

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Easy maintenance

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Venturi system with no moving parts

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Works without power or air supply

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Quick coupler inlet and outlet

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Other Models for

JetNeat 1.4L

JetNeat 2.5L

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  • Working temperature: up to 45° C
  • Working pressure: 2 - 6 bar
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JetNeat 1.4L & 2.5L Technical Data Sheet EN v1