Foam Cannon

Achieve exceptional surface cleaning and disinfection


Designed to provide outstanding performance in the cleaning of vertical and difficult-to-access surfaces, the SEKO Foam Cannon is perfect for use in food and beverage production areas where impeccable hygiene standards are essential.


This pressurised mobile system produces a rich and thick premixed foam that provides comprehensive coverage of surfaces along with extended contact time for superior cleaning and disinfection performance.

Manufactured from food-grade materials, the fully mobile Foam Cannon requires only a compressed air supply for operation and is very simple to maintain, making it one of the most convenient surface-cleaning solutions of its kind.

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Equipped with a lance and dosing tube

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Available as a 24 or 50-litre model

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No electrical connection required

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Available in stainless steel and painted versions

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Foam Cannon




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  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Ingress protection: IP44
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Foam Cannon Technical Data Sheet