Simple, smart enzyme drain dosing


DrainOne is a simple, easy and intuitive dosing device to be installed in kitchens for the removal of fats in drain pipes, grease traps or other places where dosing at certain intervals during the day is required.

Improves health & safety

When using grease traps, staff have to physically clear the build-up of grease. The waste must then be properly disposed of, and great care needs to
be taken to avoid spillage and contamination. Automated drain dosing releases an enzyme, which helps break down the grease so that it washes away easily without the need for manual cleaning.

Keeps drains clear

Automated drain dosing keeps your drainage channels clear of fats, oils, grease and reduces bad dours and blockages.

Enhances productivity

Timed dosing systems are programmable, allowing the dosing cycles to run automatically. This eliminates the manual process of pouring chemicals
into drains.


Automated dosing is making its mark across many different environments. The popularity of automated systems is due to their accuracy, safety and efficiency benefits. They are also adaptable in that they can be facilitated for different processes.


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Delivery of a single chemical at predetermined timed intervals

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Programmable initial delay time, interval between dosages and dosing time

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Quick and easy installation

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Low-maintenance, robust design

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IP65 ingress protection

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Programming password protection

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  • Power: 100 - 240 Vac, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 5 W
  • Flow rate: 7 l/h (Santoprene tubing)
  • Pressure: 0.1 bar (1.5 psi)
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DrainOne Technical Data Sheet