A new era for on-premise laundry dosing


Venturi-powered dosing via water pressure. No moving parts means less wear and tear. Doses 10 chemicals in up to 4 machines. Bluetooth connectivity with the new SekoBlue app. Intuitive 4.5” touchscreen display for impeccable control. Ergonomic colour-coded formula selector.

Extend the modular LS100 in sync with your growing laundry

Manage up to 10 chemicals and connect up to 4 washers with the LS100

The Power of Venturi dosing

No moving parts means less wear and hundreds of thousands of wash cycles before cartridge replacement

Precision dosing every time for reduced chemical and water consumption

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Venturi activation from 0.5 bar water inlet pressure & a quick and removable venturi cartridge

Connecting you to your LS100
anytime, anywhere

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  • Device Status
  • Programme management
  • Cost-Per-Load data
  • Bluetooth connectivity with SEKOBLUE

A Next Generation OPL Dosing System

Bringing venturi power to on premise laundry


A system fit for any modern laundry

Looks aren't everything, but we think you'll agree that LS100's clean, sleek casing makes a great first impression

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Multi-Machine Capabilities

Trigger interface links control unit and formula selector to each washer and includes easy-fit connections for up to 5 inputs

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Tube-free dosing. It's kind to our world

How the venturi-powered LS100 reduces environmental impact:

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No tube replacement

Reduce consumable wastage and help improve your carbon footprint

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Consistent dosing for longer

Long-life venturi cartridges offer superb wear resistance for repeatable dosing performance

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Fewer service visits

Low maintenance requirement reduces frequency of engineer site visits

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Whether you're an installer or end user, download essential documents to enhance your LS100 experience including manuals, data sheets and case studies.

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Revolutionise your Laundry


We're ready for the SEKO laundry revolution. Are you?
Upgrade your on-premise laundry system to the innovative LS100 from SEKO and experience the power of venturi-based chemical dosing.

Contact us today and find out more about how LS100 could transform your laundry application.